2012 m. sausio 22 d., sekmadienis


The way to my fashion internship was way too long or as usually when you want something more than others do you have to put more efforts and refuse to do the things you would love to do.. I didn't say anything new as my all life was that way. Why the hell do I need fashion internship when I am studying Business management and marketing?! Easy. I always wanted and it's my dream and I am really willing to find my place no matter where it is so that I really enjoy the thing im doing and becoming IT not only for my kids one day. I believe these reasons are enough :)

My internship has already started form the 18th of january when I landed in Berlin. I left my suitcases at my bfriends appartment and took a metro straight to the office. Impressive. So many beautiful things in just one place, new people, new attitudes and of course new haters. Everybody busy, but seriously busy. After I absorbed everything and saw the main idea went home. Next day it all started , 8.50 i was already in the office and started my work the owners of the other shows started to come from 9am. There are 15 brands in the office which were not yet introduced to the shops, so the owners are arriving there to chooose the garments they want to see in their shops (the shops have exclusive rights and small shops will never get those collections). Models are demonstrating the clothes, god it looks many times way better on them i mean way better, I changed my opinion completely, never judge anything before u make sure it can be judged. My 1st day lasted for 11hrs and my first break was at 5.30 :)) I just simply forgot about it while helpng models, matching clothes, meeting clients, making loads of copies of new collections or looking for a garment according to its name in a massive hall, took an hour... How can I know that a sweater named Disney is just a simple grey cashmere sweater with 3 bottons in the front, now ive got my techniques so it takes only 30min ;D

Big deal in Berlin ended yesterday http://www.mercedes-benzfashionweek.com/